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[802SEC] Comments on 802.19 PAR

Hello Steve,

The 802.21 WG has proposed the following comments on the proposed 802.19 PAR:

*          Scope:
-         Does this PAR propose changes to MAC/PHY to address co-existence issues or does this PAR propose media independent mechanisms for co-existence?
*          Please note that 802.21 MIIS (Media Independent Information Service) is a protocol/mechanism for signaling or control channel access information.
-         Does this Project consider developing specific signaling mechanisms between devices for resolving co-existence issues or does it just rely on the regulatory TVWS database to discover available frequencies in any given area?
-         Can the mechanisms proposed in this specification apply to other unlicensed bands as well?

*          Purpose:
-         The purpose of the standard is to enable the family of IEEE 802 Wireless Standards to most effectively use TV White Space by providing standard coexistence mechanisms among dissimilar or independently operated TVBD networks and dissimilar TVBDs
      Clarify what is meant by "most effectively" in above sentence? Is there any quantitative criteria/metrics for measuring this?

Best Regards

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