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[802SEC] Comments on 802.22 PARs

Dear Wendong

Here are my comments.  I don't think that the 802.22.3 PAR is acceptable
as is.

802.22 modification

"other approaches are also possible" is a meaningless statement,
of course other approaces are possible.  Delete the phrase.


5.2 Scope - What is meant by scalable?  That term is meaningless in
the context.  Scale the number of stations, the range, the rate, the
power usage?

I assume that TVWS here means the US FCC regulations. This should be
stated in the scope.

What rate and range is target here?  What are the target applications?
What problem is being solved?

5.4 Purpose - "expand and enhance the usefulness" in what way?  What
specific areas need to be expanded?

"a variety of environments" - Which environments?  Most of this
paragraph is marketing information, not a technical description.

5.5 Again, what is "scalable operations"?

Section 6.1a is not part of the current PAR form.

8.1 - Most of this section should be part of 5.2.

What are Mode I and Mode II devices?

Scalable ranges: What is long, medium and short in meters?

What is the difference between "wireless broadband access" and
"WiF-like services"?

Delete "other approaches are also possible"

Item 5.5 - If this is intended to be integrated into 802.22, then it
should be an amendement and not a new standard.  If not, then delete
this sentence.


The first paragraph deals with existing standards and does not answer
how this standard will have broad sets of applicability.  Delete the

"Pursuing global harmonization" will be outside the scope of this
project as the changes to the regulations will happen slowly and this
standard needs to be completed in a timely manner.  Only existing
regulations and those that are completed in the next 1-2 years could
be used to develop this standard.

The two questions:
b) Multiple vendors and numerous users.
c) Balanced costs (LAN versus attached stations).
were not answered in the paragraph.  They need to be answered. The
best thing to do is to answer a), b) and c) individually.

Only the last sentence attempts to answer the question.  Please
indicate why the proposed standard will be compatible with the 802

"The economic feasibility of IEEE 802 wireless devices is
well-documented." Where is this documented?  Cell phones and consumer
TV devices are not equivalent systems.

Questions b) and c) are not answered.   These need to be answered.

James Gilb
802 EC Recording Secretary

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