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[802SEC] 802.20 Motions for Closing SEC - Conditional Approval for RevCom submission

Attached is the closing meeting EC slide deck for 802.20. It includes motions for conditional approval for submission of 802.20.2 and 802.20.3 to RevCom.

A spreadsheet containing the two unsatisfied comments on 802.20.2 is attached.

802.20.3 has a 100% approval rate but is being recirculated since some changes were made in response to editorial comments received with the affirmative votes.

The drafts of 802.20.2 and 802.20.3 may be found on the private portion of the 802.20 website.

If any member of the EC does not have the user name and password for the 802.20 member's site, drop me an e-mail and I will send it to you.

Mark Klerer

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Attachment: Closing EC Slide set with Motions.pptx
Description: Closing EC Slide set with Motions.pptx

Attachment: 802.20.2-remaining-comments.xlsx
Description: 802.20.2-remaining-comments.xlsx