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[802SEC] 802.16 motions for EC Closing Meeting


Documentation of the 802.16 motions for the 802 EC Closing meeting is posted here:


(a) MI 802.16 GRIDMAN Study Group
This is a proposal for a new 802.16 "Greater Reliability In Disrupted Metropolitan Area Networks (GRIDMAN)" Study Group

(b) ME 802.16 GRIDMAN Study Group Press Release
This is a draft press release regarding (a).

(c) ME 802.16h PAR extension to NesCom
This is a PAR extension request, which I propose for the consent agenda. It is agenda item 5.16 on Revision 2 of the agenda. The form is updated with respect to the one submitted a month ago, reflecting changes in the expected schedule.

(d) II 802.16 Statement to Japan for Review
This is a statement to the Japanese Administration with notification of the IEEE 802.16 IMT-Advanced Evaluation Group Coordination Meeting. Because it is directed to a governmental body, it is presented to the EC for review.


On 2009/11/15, at 09:01 PM, James Gilb wrote:

Dear EC members

The draft opening and closing agendas have been posted to:


James Gilb
802 Recording Secretary


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