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[802SEC] 802.20.2 Procedure 13 Conditional Approval Report

Dear EC members

I am pleased to report that 802.20.2 Draft 2.0 has met the requirements for conditional approval.  Draft 2.0 will be submitted to RevCom.

802.20.2 Draft 2.0 received conditional approval at the November 2009 EC closing plenary to go forward to RevCom.

The recirculation closed on November 26, 2009

a) The recirculation ballot is completed according to the schedule presented and no new comments requiring resolution were received.

b) The recirculation ballot has an approval percentage of at least 75% (it is 96% affirmative) and there are no new Disapprove votes.  The recirculation we had no new Disapprove votes and two additional voters voted Approve.

c) Since there were no actionable comments (the only comment received was from IEEE staff indicating that the draft "meets all editorial requirements") there is no need for a comment resolution meeting and  Draft 2.0 from the recirculation will be submitted to RevCom.

d) There were no new valid Disapprove comments from existing Disapprove voters.  Only one comment was received from editorial coordination stating "This document meets all editorial requirements."

e) There are no new invalid Disapprove comments or votes as there are no new Disapprove comments or votes.

f) The ballot information is:
Ballot Open Date:


Ballot Close Date:



This ballot has met the 75% returned ballot requirement.

79 eligible people in this ballot group.


affirmative votes


negative votes with comments


negative votes without comments


abstention votes


votes received = 84% returned

5% abstention


The 75% affirmation requirement is being met.


affirmative votes


negative votes with comments


votes = 96% affirmative

Mark Klerer
Chair 802.20

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