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Re: [802SEC] Endorsement and affiliation letters merry go round


You could make my life much simpler if you had a typical letter sent to you in the past.

I will simply sign it in all the roles you are asking, me, myself, I, the corporation, etc...

(I find that really silly as I own 51% of the controlling shares of my sponsor)

So if you can send me the type letter, I will simply print it on our company letterhead,
scan it and e-mail the scanned vesrion to you
(and,  if you insist, bring the original with me in March)

I will go through the useless hoops, although I can see from recent e-mail exchanges that the letter is meaingless as the EC does not go through requiring the sponsor to stick to its commitments and even further, as in the case of Buzz, the EC not oly does not apply legal or moral pressure on the sponsor and is demostrating by its current actions that it accepts to be liable to shore in when the sponsor fails to live up to its comitments (no matter what the reasons are) by usurping registration moneys that
members have placed "in trust" with the EC.

So let's have a laugh, just send me the blank of the letter you want, I (me) will order my sponsor to have the letter signed by the CEO (me), I (me) will sign that my sponsor signed for me, and whatever else is required in your merry go round, knowing very well, with (no matter what is said) precedent in hand, that I can change idea on a whim and
the EC will do nothing about it.

Who knows, I may even have grounds to require the EC to pay my way on the grounds it has been done before, and more than once, if my corportation (me) decides to let me go and retire because I decided to retire and I ordered my corporation to let me go.

You know, maybe that could save me a bundle, allow me to get perks and the works, going around on other people's money, having airlines and hotels tip in for me as a
meeting organizer.  )))))-:

FYI, I am not in any way criticizing Buzz here... he does indeed do a nice job. For goodness sakes, just hire him, F2F or another as a meeting organizer and pay them accordingly rather than dancing around the pot. We pay F2F for their work, and it does include ALL their expenses plus profits, same for the internet supplier, etc...


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To: <>
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 8:07 PM
Subject: FW: [802SEC] Endorsement and affiliation letters


You will need these letters for March.


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From: ***** IEEE 802 Executive Committee List ***** [] On Behalf Of James Gilb
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 10:52 AM
Subject: [802SEC] Endorsement and affiliation letters

Dear EC list readers

The terms for 802 EC members and WG Vice Chair's terms expire at the end
of the closing plenary session in March 2010 ("close of the first
plenary session of each even numbered year").

Anyone who is is to be confirmed by the Sponsor (WG Chairs and Vice
Chairs, TAG Chairs and Vice Chairs and Sponsor officers) is required to
file a letter of endorsement with the Recording Secretary (i.e., me) for
the upcoming 2 year term.  The letter is to be signed by both "the
Sponsor member and an individual who has management responsibility for
the Sponsor member".  There are specific requirements for the content of
this letter (given below).

An affiliation letter is also required. The affiliation letter is signed
by the Sponsor member.

These can be brought to the meeting, or if you wish, they can be mailed
to me at the address in the EC contact list (provided they arrive prior
to 10 March, 2010).

I have posted sample endorsement and affiliation letters to the 802
website at: in both ODF and Word

For individuals who have served as Chair or Vice Chair of a WG for a
total of 5 terms or part terms and are running for another term should
provide the results of the motion from the WG permitting the individual
to stand for re-election (this would have had to been passed at the
November 2009 plenary meeting). (3.2.1 of the OM)

Endorsement letter requirements (4.1 in P&P):
This letter shall contain at least the following:
 a) Statement of qualification based on technical expertise to fulfill
the assignment
 b) Statement of support for providing necessary resources (e.g., time,
travel expenses to meetings), and
c) Recognition that the individual is expected to act in accordance
with the conditions stated in subclause 5.1 of the IEEE 802 Operations
Manual dealing with voting “as both a professional and as an individual

James Gilb
802 Recording Secretary

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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.