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[802SEC] request for RevCom presubmittal of 802.16.2 reaffirmation


It is my understanding that the IEEE PROJECT 802 LAN / MAN STANDARDS COMMITTEE (LMSC) OPERATIONS MANUAL (per amendments finalized on 20 November but not yet available to the public) includes the following provision for RevCom presubmittal:

“Submittals may be forwarded to RevCom without Sponsor Approval or Conditional Approval in order to meet the submittal requirements for the next RevCom meeting, provided that the Sponsor Chair first notifies the Sponsor email reflector that, in the Chair’s view based on the complete RevCom package, there is a reasonable expectation that the submittal will be approved by the Sponsor before the RevCom meeting. If it becomes apparent that approval will not be completed, the submittal shall be withdrawn from the RevCom agenda as early as possible. Note: Withdrawal of an agenda item is a significant discourtesy to the volunteer members of RevCom.”

Under this provision, I would like to request that you notify the 802 EC that, in your view, there is a reasonable expectation that the submittal of the IEEE 802.16.2 Reaffirmation will be approved by the 802 EC the week of 15 March. Following such notification, I would presubmit to RevCom in order to meet its deadline of 12 February.

In order to support your decision, please consider the following:
(1) Draft RevCom Submittal:

(2) Ballot comments and resolutions:

Note that the recirculation closed without comments or new Disapprove votes.

Please let me know if you need more information.



Dr. Roger B. Marks  <>
Vice President - Technology Standards, WiMAX Forum
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access <>

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