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Re: [802SEC] +++ 10-day EC Email Ballot +++ Plenary Session Coffee Break Times


I believe that you are confusing the issue.
As has been said by several others, coffee and tea (important to me) are not the issues that drive disorder.
It is the snacks.
Frankly (as I have said all along) I think that allowing break snacks to become and entitlement was and is a bad idea. Given that my view is unlikely to sway the group then the windows for (especially premium) snack availability should be restricted and more carefully coordinated with the WG chairs.

Caffein should be more broadly available in acknowledgment that much of the business we conduct is less than of sparkling interest and many need continuous infusion for their participation.

EC motions should not be required. This is operational/management stuff not rules or orders


On 3/2/10 8:31 AM, Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee wrote:

Paul has authorized me to issue the following motion for your consideration.

Whereas:  It has been observed by one of our WG Chairs that our current
2-hour coffee break windows (9-11am) and (2-4pm) can be disruptive to the
meetings in progress since they allow attendees to leave the meeting in
progress to get coffee or snacks, which can then inspire other attendees to
do the same.  So it has been proposed that the interval for coffee breaks be
shortened to reduce this problem.

And Whereas:  It has also been observed that the current 2-hour window
permits more flexibility in when breaks are taken to accommodate the
completion of topics under discussion without interruption.

Therefore:  After due consideration it has been proposed that we ask the EC
to vote on whether we should shorten the coffee break interval to 1-hour
instead of the current 2-hours, i.e. (10-11am) and (2:30-3:30pm).


To approve reduction of the IEEE-802 Plenary Session coffee breaks from
2-hours to 1-hour, i.e. (10-11am) and (2:30-3:30pm).

  Moved:  Buzz Rigsbee

  Seconded: John Hawkins

Start of ballot: Tuesday, 2 March 2010;  Close of ballot: Saturday, 6th
March, 2010 or as soon as possible.

Early close: As required in subclause 'Electronic Balloting of the
IEEE project 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee (LMSC) Operations Manual, this
is notice that this ballot may close early once sufficient responses are
received to clearly decide a matter.

Thanx, Buzz

Please note my contact info:

Dr. Everett O (Buzz) Rigsbee

Executive Secretary, IEEE-802 LMSC

7750 80th Place SE

Mercer Island, WA  98040-5912

ph/fx: 206-236-2229

cell: 206-818-4978

SkypeID:  BRigsB

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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.