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Re: [802SEC] Ruling on the meaning of "Substantially Complete"


On 18/7/10 11:50 PM, Tony Jeffree wrote:
Your case 2, while ideally giving rise to only 2 further recirculations, in reality can give rise to more. Every time changes are made to the document, you open the possibility of the editor screwing up or the voting population disagreeing with the chosen change. Even your case 1 is not guaranteed to be a single recirc case; every time a document is recirculated without change, there is an opportunity for the voting population and the WG to spot bugs in what had been agreed up to that point, and for the WG to decide that it is a smart move to fix them before closing the balloting process. So in reality, both of your apparently simple cases have the potential to result in more recirculations than you claim for them.
There is provision for each of the cases that you cite. Specifically, the conditional approval has been broken in that the "conditions" have not been met. That means that the package has to be reapproved by the EC. That is all perfectly appropriate and the way the system is supposed to work.


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