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Re: [802SEC] +++ 10-day EC Email Ballot +++ IEEE 802 Inputs to ITU-R WP5A

Dear EC,

An update on the status of this ballot:

Vote categories:         APP    DIS    ABS    DNV


 VC Pat Thaler           APP

 VC Mat Sherman     APP

 ES Jon Rosdahl       APP

 RS James Gilb        APP

 TR John Hawkins    APP

 01 Tony Jeffree       APP

 03 David Law           APP

 11 Bruce Kraemer   APP

 15 Bob Heile            APP

 16 Roger Marks      APP

 17 John Lemon                                           DNV

 18 Mike Lynch        APP

 19 Steve Shellhammer   APP

 20 Mark Klerer        APP

 21 Subir Das           APP

 22 Apurva Mody     APP

 23 Geoff Thompson                       ABS


 17 TOTALS    result  16      00        01        01

The motion has been approved and the ballot is now closed.

Thanks to all for your assistance with this.




Sent: Monday, October 25, 2010 23:20
Subject: +++ 10-day EC Email Ballot +++ IEEE 802 Inputs to ITU-R WP5A

Dear EC,

I'm sorry if things became confused with my earlier email.

I have been authorized by the LMSC Chair to conduct an electronic ballot on the following motion:

Motion:  "Per LMSC operations manual 9.2.1, to approve forwarding of document 18-10-0067-01 to ITU-R WP5A as the position of IEEE 802 LMSC."

Mover:  Mike Lynch

Second:  Bruce Kraemer

Due to the urgency of the decision, the early close provision of will apply. This material needs to be received by the ITU-R by 16:00 Geneva time on 1st November. I propose that the ballot start date is 26th October. It is hoped that sufficient positive ballots will be received to allow for the early termination and submission to ITU-R.

There was some discussion on the earlier thread about using terms such as "IEEE looks forward...". IEEE is the ITU-R Sector Member and is who the ITU-R corresponds with rather than IEEE 802.. The use of the Sector Member's name is appropriate.

Doc. 18-10-0067-01 is available on the 802.18 Mentor web site.



mike.lynchieee (Skype)

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