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Re: [802SEC] concerns regarding 802.15 PARs for consideration in November

Paul, thanks for pointing this PAR out.


One thing I notice on first reading of the PAR is that it needs some editorial clean-up. The grammar is pretty poor. Please especially focus on getting the Scope right since the exact text of the Scope must go into the Scope section of the standard. 

The second thing I noticed is that the 5 Criteria responses are all in italics which makes them difficult to read. Next time please use normal font. In the past, the italics have often been used for the explanations of the criteria (the part that comes with the 5 criteria boiler plate) but it shouldn't be used for the responses.

Now getting down to the more technical side of the review, I'm finding it difficult to reconcile statements in 1a) "[long list of features] which have not been feasible with the current technologies," with 1)c "the technology is of such a simplistic form without much increased complexity," and with the Technical Feasibility section all being focused on the part of the technology that is already standardized as ISO/IEC 29157 and gone through years of use. I assume that ISO/IEC 29157 doesn't include the features "that have not been feasible with current technologies" and the technical feasibility section needs to address the feasibility of those extensions.

It is not okay to claim Distinct Identity based on the new capabilities that you are going to add while basing Technical and Economic Feasibility arguments on the existence of the prior technology which doesn't include those capabilities.

The Compatibility section appears to only include the text that states the requirements for compatibility but doesn't include any response on the compatibility of the proposed work. (And as Paul points out, the text there is not the current compatibility requirement text. See the LMSC Operations Manual for the correct text.) I am particularly concerned with the WG's response regarding compatibility of the proposed project with 802.1D and 802.1Q bridging. Given the apparent importance of AV streams in the proposed PAR, I would particularly like to understand relationship between the proposed work and the 802.1 AVB revisions to 802.1Q.

Distinct Identity 3iii) "up to multiple stereo-audio and multiple stereo voice channels" I would normally expect to see a number after "up to". Does up to multiple mean at least 2, at least 3? Also isn't stereo voice a type of stereo audio?


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Subject: [802SEC] concerns regarding 802.15 PARs for consideration in November


Upon review, the incorrect Criteria #2 are used for the proposed MBAN and 
PSC PARs.  This will need to be corrected.

Regardless, upon reviewing the draft Personal Space Communication PAR/5C it 
is not clear to me that this work is within the scope of 802 (it seems to 
define functionality above layer 1/2), has distinct identity within 802 (it 
seems current MAC/PHY functionality meets the proposed requirements) or is 
compatible within the family of 802 standards (not addressed in the 5C). 
Please make sure these items are addressed by the WG/TG at next week's 

EC Members--one of the major issues we discussed at the July 2009 EC 
Workshop was the need to improve architectural consistency across our WG 
specifications--please take this opportunity to review the PSC PAR in that 
context--is it consistent within the current scope/architecture of 802, and 
if there appear to be issues, suggest a remedies to the proposing PSC Study 



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Subject: [802SEC] PARs for consideration in November

> Dear EC Colleagues
> 802.15 has three PARs for consideration at the upcoming Dallas Session. 
> They and the corresponding 5C can be found at:
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