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[802SEC] Comments on 802.15 LECIM PAR


                The 802.19 WG has the following comments on the 802.15 LECIM PAR,

*         The scope states that it will operate in licensed, unlicensed and special purpose frequency bands.  If operation in the TVWS is included in the standard, will the standard include the necessary hooks to support the mechanisms defined by the upcoming 802.19.1 draft?

*         The scope states "These applications have unique requirements that are not fully addressed with the current standard."  This sentence should not be in the Scope but should be in the Need section.

*         The Scope section is way too long and should be shortened.

*         In the Distinct Identity section of the 5C please elaborate on why this PAR could not be met by 802.11, 802.16 or 802.22.


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