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[802SEC] Response to comments on 802.15.4j PAR and 5C [MBAN]

Below are the responses to the comments received on the 802.15.4k PAR and 5C. The revised PAR and 5C [15-10-0756-08 and 15-10-0757-04] can be found at

Individual Comments on 802.15.4j 5C
Comment 1
(2 submitters of this comment) Upon review, the incorrect Criteria #2 was used for the proposed MBAN PAR.
[Response]  Agree. An older version of the 5 Criteria was used.
[Action:] Update Criteria Question 2. Modify Criteria question 2 answer by replacing the answer with the following text, "This amendment will not affect the IEEE 802.15.4 standards compliance with the IEEE 802. Architecture, Management, and Interworking documents as required. There is no specific technology feature anticipated in the amendment that could preclude this compliance.

Comment 2
The 5C does not address coexistence as a separate item in Criteria 4.
[Response] Agree. An older version of the 5 Criteria was used.
[Action:] Update Section 4 to include the following text "Coexistence of 802 wireless standards specifying devices for unlicensed operation" before the sentence "An appropriate coexistence assurance document will be created".

802.11 Comments on 802.15.4j 5C
Comment 3
In the 5C, make it the Low Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN-LR)match&throughout the 5C. Consider (LR-WPAN).
[Response]  Agree. We will consistently refer to LR-WPAN in the 5C document.
[Action:] Update the 5C to consistently use LR-WPAN.

Comment 4
Update the 5C requirements to those found in LMSC OM 12.5.
[Response] See Comment 1 & 2
[Action:] none additional

Comment 5
3. Distinct Identity: 802.15.6 is listed in 7.1, but not explained the Distinct Identity. The current wording indicates that 15.6 is similar, and it is not clear as to the differences. -c) it is easy for readers...if it is a MBAN spectrum, how is that different from the 802.15.6 MBAN uses.
[Response] State more clearly the difference between 15.6 and MBAN
[Action:] Keep first sentence. Replace remaining text with: The proposed amendment to IEEE 802.15.4 targets both on and off body applications. IEEE 802.15.6 is addressing communication in the vicinity of or inside a human body. The proposed amendment to IEEE 802.15.4 will address low data rate applications. IEEE P802.15.6 is targeting significantly higher data rates and lower power consumption applications. The proposed amendment to IEEE 802.15.4 will not address SAR [specific absorbed radiation]. IEEE P802.15.6 may take SAR into consideration

Comment 6
Missing coexistence statement
[Response]  See Comment 2
[Action:] none additional

802.19 Comments on 802.15.4j 5C

Comment 7
The 5C does not specify if a coexistence assurance (CA) document will be provided as per Section of the LMSC Operations Manual. Either state that a CA document will be produced or explain why a CA document is not needed.
[Response]  See Comment 2
[Action:] none additional

802.11 Comments on 802.15.4j PAR

Comment 8
5.2 Scope: Add "new" prior to physical layer. Remove "current revision", Add "IEEE" prior to 802.15.4. Spell out the Acronyms "FCC, MBAN, and MAC". Split the end of the sentence into a new sentence as follows: delete "and any" end sentence: "This amendment defines modifications to the MAC that support the new physical layer"
[Response]  Agree.
[Action:] Update the PAR with recommended changes

Comment 9
5.4 Purpose: The Scope says that you are describing a new PHY not services. Redo sentence. Delete "The definition of" in the 3rd sentence. Expand what "15.4" and "15.4e" really are "IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE P802.15.4e" would be better not having them specifically there to begin with. Consider deleting the Purpose Text and replace with "This amendment will not have a Purpose Statement." [Response] IEEE 802.15 prefers for all amendments to have a Purpose and it is an offered NesCom field. Agree with the recommended changes to Purpose statement. [Action:] Reword first sentence to make clear that we are not planning to specify a service. Delete "The definition of" in the 3rd sentence. Use the full name IEEE 802.15.4. Remove reference to 802.15.4e since this is an example and is not necessary

Comment 10
5.5 Need: Put in "IEEE" in front 802.15.4. and expand "15.4" to "IEEE 802.15.4". Expand acronyms "NPRM".
[Response] Agree
[Action:] Add recommended text and expand acronym

Comment 11
5.5 Need: Suggest change "FCC has made a" to "FCC has issued an"
[Response ] Agree.
[Action:] Implement wording change in text

Comment 12
5.5 Need: Change "This amendment' to "This Project" in the last sentence.
[Response] Agree
[Action:] Change wording in the text

Comment 13
5.5 Need: Change 3rd sentence: Delete "may".
[Response] Agree.
[Action:] Remove the offending "may"

Comment 14
5.6 Stakeholders: change stakeholders statement as follows:
"The stakeholders include Medical equipment manufacturers, patients and healthcare providers both within hospitals and in residential environments along with service providers that offer remote support facilities."
[Response] Agree
[Action:] Remove the first sentence of 5.6 and combine the final two sentences as recommended

Comment 15
7.1: similar scope: Expand the Yes description. Include a minimum of the missing IEEE
[Response] Agree
[Action:] Use new text in 5C Criteria 3 from Comment 5 to outline difference between 15.6 and MBAN and place explanation in section 7.4 Additional Explanatory Notes

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Chair, IEEE 802.15 Working Group on Wireless Personal Area Networks
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