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Re: [802SEC] Conditional Approval to Forward 802.22 to Sponsor Ballot

Dear Members of the EC,

This is to report to you that all the conditions as specified in the IEEE 802 Operations Manual, Clause 14 to forward the P802.22 Draft Standard to the Sponsor Ballot have been satisfied and we are planning to launch the Sponsor Ballot by Dec. 18th 2010.

During the November Plenary Meeting in Dallas, I made a motion to the EC seeking conditional approval to forward the P802.22 Draft Standard to the Sponsor Ballot.

The detailed specifics of the motion can be found in the following document -

The P802.22 WG Re-circulation #3 on Draft v6.0 was launched on Nov. 25th and ended on Dec. 10th. Here are the statistics from the Re-circulation Ballot which can be found in our Comment Resolution spreadsheet -

Number of voters:       26
Number of responding voters:    23
Number of Approves:     22
Number of Abstain:      1
Return ratio:           88% (Same as during WG Re-circ #2)
Approval ratio:         100% (Same during WG Re-circ #2)

Number of Comments received = 40 (All Editorial) - No Technical Comments were received

The comments were resolved through an open telecon on Friday, Dec. 10th and based on the resolutions only Editorial Changes were made to the Draft v6.0.

To answer conditions as specified in the Clause 14 of the Operations Manuel -
a)      Re-circulation ballot was completed on Dec. 10th - according to the time-line as specified in the Motion to the EC
b)      Approval Percentage is at least 75% (100% in our case) and there are NO new dis-approve votes since the last re-circulation
c)      I affirm that No Technical changes have been made to the draft since the last re-circulation
d)      I affirm that we have received No new valid DISAPPROVE comments on new issues that are not resolved to the satisfaction of the submitter from existing DISAPPROVE voters.
e)      The results of the WG Re-circulation ballot have been provided to you.

Hence all the conditions to forward the P802.22 Draft v7.0 to the Sponsor Ballot have been satisfied.

Many thanks for your support and consideration.

Warm regards,


P. S. I will be out of US from Dec. 12th till Jan 10th with spotty internet access. If you have any comments, please also send those comments to my Yahoo address at -<>

Apurva N. Mody, Ph. D.

Chair, IEEE 802.22 Standard Working Group
BAE Systems
Technology Solutions
130 Daniel Webster Highway, Mail Stop 2350
Merrimack, NH 03054
Work: (603)885 2621, Mobile: (603)-809-0459

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