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Re: [802SEC] New IEEE Standards Store


It seems to me that a "reasonable" starting assumption would be that customers are looking ONLY for current active standards and that all searches should start that way unless the customer specifically set switches to look for:
- Drafts
- Superceded standards
- Withdrawn standards


On 154//11 1:08 PM, Grow, Bob wrote:
I found a number of "why does it work that way" type of negatives (some probably redundant with Geoff's)

It is bad that superceded and withdrawn standards are sometimes at the top of the list on an initial search.  The current standard should always be listed first but seems to typically listed last.

It is inconsistent in that using the search box will produce superceded and withdrawn standards but won't produce a superceded amendment then when show all versions is clicked, there is no indication of which amendments are superceded and which are not.  It lists 802.3-2002 as 802.3-2002-2002.

Why does the search box not work like most search engines?  It seemed to look for an exact match by default (backplane Ethernet produced no hits, yet power line communications produced lost of hits)

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