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Re: [802SEC] Fw: New IEEE Standards Store

The search function doesn't work well. Typing in 802.1 brings up 802.1Q, 802.11, 802.17 and 802.3k-1992 but not any of the other 802.1 standards.

There are corrigenda out for 802.1Q and 802.3. Some pointer to the Corrigenda to a standard should be on the page of the standard, but I don't see anything about the Corrigenda on either of those. It isn't listed in related products though it should be. The amendments to 802.1Q are also not listed in related products. Only one 802.3 amendment is listed in related products.

Drafts are incorrectly marked and don't have the draft number, for example IEEE 802.1Q rather than IEEE P802.1Q/D1.5. Also, it only says draft in the small print of the title. Without the draft number so there is no way to check which draft is being sold. (Drafts are replaced pretty often so it would be easy for them to be behind when a new draft just came out.) Finished standards are listed as IEEE number-year rather than IEEE Std. number-year. 

When I try to browse 802 LAN/MAN/PAN it say Loading with a thing that goes around in circles, but nothing loads.

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Subject: [802SEC] Fw: New IEEE Standards Store

Dear EC Members,

Please note the below message from Karen McCabe and give the store a try.  Please provide feedback directly to Karen ( and copy me.



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The new IEEE Standards Store is live. You can check it out at: 

Thank you for "rounding up" a few IEEE 802 volunteers to test it. 

As we strive to fix our single sales challenges and provide a shop environment that meets the needs of standards customers, I look forward to working with the 802 community for its continued input and feedback!


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