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[802SEC] Comments on 802.15.4m PAR


                IEEE 802.19 reviewed the 802.15.4m PAR/5C and would like to provide the following comments,

1.       The scope states that the application of this standard is for "command and control."  However, TV white space availability is not ensured and may be intermittent. The scope should therefore reflect that this band should not be used for mission critical command and control applications.

2.       The purpose and the need sections use the phrase "large scale deployment." Please clarify if this refers to a large area, a large number of devices, or both.

3.       In Section 7 you may want to list 802.11af as a similar project since it is a local area network that operates in the TV white space. You may also want to consider listing the 802.22 standard as similar. ECMA 392 is a MAC/PHY standard in the TV white space.  IEEE 1900.7 is a new project for a MAC/PHY standard for mobile operation in white space considering such potential applications as utility grid networks and transportation logistics.  You may also want to consider those as similar.

4.       Section 3b of the 5C states that the uniqueness is due to the focus on low data rate applications.  An 802.22 allocation to an individual subchannel is approximately 350 kb/s. The PAR states the data rate spans 40 to 2000 kb/s which overlaps the rates in 802.22.

5.       Section 4a of the 5C states that there are many operational TV white space devices, which is incorrect.  There have been some pilot projects however there are no FCC approved TV white space products.

6.       In Section 4b of the 5C please change "technology" to "802.15.4 technology."

7.       In the Compatibility section of the 5C please include text as to how 802.15.4m will enhance compatibility with the upcoming 802.19.1 standard


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