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[802SEC] Comments on 802.22a PAR/5C

Apurva and Gerald,

                IEEE 802.19 reviewed the 802.22a PAR/5C and would like to provide the following comments,

1.       In the Need section of the PAR the phrase "purposed-designed" is awkward.  Please use a clearer term.

2.       The text in Section 8.1 of the PAR is included earlier in the Need section, please remove the second occurrence of this text.

3.       In the Section 1a of the 5C it mentions use for disaster recovery and homeland security; however, TV white space availability is intermittent.  It does not seem like TV white space should be used for these mission critical applications.

4.       In the Technical Feasibility section of the 5C please state whether the WG will produce a CA document.

5.       In the Compatibility section of the 5C please include text as to how 802.22a will enhance compatibility with the upcoming 802.19.1 standard.


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