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[802SEC] 2012 March Plenary Lunch Choices

To the 802 Chairs

For the March Plenary in Hawaii, we have a choice for lunches on which we would like to have your input.
In the closing EC meeting (Friday afternoon), we will take a quick poll to give guidance for setting meeting fee and requirements. 

 Please check with your WG to be prepared to answer the question:

Which Lunch option would you prefer at the March 2012 Plenary Session in Waikoloa, Hawaii?  
  Choice 1: Lunch provided, ($200 mtg fee increase)
  Choice 2: Lunch provided, ($100 mtg fee increase, plus subsidy from the 802 Operating Reserve) 
      (Buffet style -- similar to what has been done during the Wireless Interims).
  Choice 3: Grab and go lunch - paid for by the attendee -- (unknown specific cost -- 802 minimum guarantee ).
  Choice 4: Extend lunch time (WG basis/choice) to allow folks to go to the hotel restaurants or malls that are about 1 mile away.
 If you want to take a poll of your WG, please provide results and the Treasurer will compile into a single spreadsheet.  
When taking a WG poll, please allow voters to vote for any acceptable choice (Chicago rules).

802 Executive Secretary
Jon Rosdahl                          10871 North 5750 West
hm:801-756-1496                   Highland, UT 84003
office: 801-492-4023
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