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[802SEC] March 2012 WG/TAG officer elections--9.3.e WG P&P interpration

Dear EC members,

It has come to my attention that the long-standing 802 rule regarding the "waiver" needed by WG/TAG chairs and vice-chairs that have served 5 or more terms to stand for election in March of an even numbered year is ambiguous and incomplete in our current WG P&P (i.e., 9.3.e) and therefore requires an 802 EC Chair interpretation/clarification.

My interpretation of the intent of 9.3.e in the WG P&P for the MAR2012 election is as follows: 
If a WG/TAG chair or vice-chair has served 5 or more full or partial terms they shall obtain >75% approval  of the WG/TAG at the NOV2011 plenary session in order to stand for election in MAR2012.
End of interpretation

If you meet the above criteria, please remember to obtain the required WG/TAG approval this week, report the results to James Gilb and me, I'll  add the reports as an Information Item to the consent agenda of the closing EC meeting to ensure it is memorialzed in the minutes.  James, please add this 802 policy interpretation to the Information Item for the record as well. 

In parallel to the above, Mat Sherman will work to formally correct the rules text to reflect the above practice for incorporation into the next revision of the rules.



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