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[802SEC] Strategic Discussions - part 1

EC Members,

I've been tasked to lead "strategic discussions" at the upcoming workshop.  This includes the areas of:

                Partnering / competitions with other SDOs and Special interest Groups, domination and distortions to the standard process:
                802 architecture
                                Should we reorg IEEE 802
                                Change IEEE 802 Scope
                                Change Membership criteria

Geoff is scheduled to cover some of the discussions.  Particular subtopics I would like to raise (many not new) include:

                My experiences with 802.14 / Cable Labs
                Task group membership
                Broadening IEEE 802 Scope (End to end standards)
                Entity balloting

Are there other specific subtopics people would like to add to the list?

If so let me know and I'll include them as discussion points to raise at the workshop.



Matthew Sherman, Ph.D.
Technical Director & Engineering Fellow
BAE Systems - Electronic Systems (ES)
Office: +1 973. 636.7510
Cell: +1 973.229.9520

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