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[802SEC] FW: [radext] RADEXT WG Last Call: "RADIUS Attributes for IEEE 802 Networks"

The following IETF WG Last Call may be of interest to your working group members.  This document defines RADIUS attributes that are specific to IEEE 802 networks.   The IETF has asked that IEEE 802 members be aware of this last call and provide comments as desired.


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Sent: Monday, May 07, 2012 2:46 PM
Subject: [radext] RADEXT WG Last Call: "RADIUS Attributes for IEEE 802 Networks"

This is an announcement of RADEXT WG last call on "RADIUS Attributes for IEEE 802 Networks", prior to sending the document to the IESG for publication as a proposed standard RFC.

The document is available for inspection here:

The RADEXT WG last call will last until Monday May 21, 2012.   If you have comments on the document, please file using TRAC system.  See below for summary of instructions.

Mauricio and Jouni

1.       To submit an issue in TRAC, you first need to login to the RADEXT WG site on the tools server:
2.       If you don't already have a login ID, you can obtain one by navigating to this site:
3.       Once you have obtained an account, and have logged in, you can file an issue by navigating to the  ticket entry form:
4.       When opening an issue:
a.       The Type: field should be set to "defect" for an issue with the current document text, or "enhancement" for a proposed addition of functionality (such as an additional requirement).
b.      The Priority: field is set based on the severity of the Issue.   For example, editorial issues are typically "minor" or "trivial".
c.       The Milestone: field should be set to milestone1 (useless, I know).
d.      The Component: field should be set to the document you are filing the issue on.
e.      The Version: field should be set to "1.0".
f.        The Severity: field should be set to based on the status of the document (e.g. "In WG Last Call" for a document in WG last call)
g.        The Keywords: and CC: fields can be left blank unless inspiration seizes you.
h.      The Assign To: field is generally filled in with the email address of the editor.
5.       Typically it won't be necessary to enclose a file with the ticket, but if you need to, select "I have files to attach to this ticket".
6.       If you want to preview your Issue, click on the "Preview" button.  When you're ready to submit the issue, click on the "Create Ticket" button.
7.       If you want to update an issue, go to the "View Tickets" page:  Click on the ticket # you want to update, and then modify the ticket fields as required
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