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[802SEC] Liaisons from ITU-R WP6A in regard to Question ITU-R 236/1 and other matters

Dear EC,


There are three liaisons from ITU-R WP6A (Terrestrial Broadcasting Delivery) which may be of interest to 802. One addresses Question ITU-R 236/1 which deals with appropriate spectrum and technologies (among other items) for the use of wireless in Smart Grid Management. IEEE 802 made an initial input to the recent meeting of WP1A which has the lead on that topic. As of today I have only seen an executive report of their recent meeting.


Responses if deemed appropriate should be made by October 10th for consideration at WP6A’s October meeting.


The liaisons are on 802.18’s Mentor web site as:


18-12-0052 -  “Doc. 1A/16 QUESTION ITU-R 236/1 - IMPACT ON RADIOCOMMUNICATION SYSTEMS FROM WIRELESS AND WIRED DATA” from ITU-R WP6A which deals with Terrestrial Broadcasting Delivery. It brings up the issues of PLT devices that are being developed and that those developing them are not “giving proper consideration to compatibility with Radiocommunication services”. This was the subject of several presentations in May of 2011 at the ITU Forum on PLT. Basically those that comply with ITU guidelines are not a problem but there are many that claim to meet ITU and even FCC guidelines that create significant interference into other Radiocommunication services.


18-12-0051 – “DESIGNATION OF FREQUENCIES FOR PURPOSES NOT CONSIDERED IN THE RADIO REGULATIONS”.  This expresses concern about how to make certain that new developments in PLT technology and proposes an input to the 2015 Radiocommunication Assembly that “that administrations should take all necessary steps to protect radiocommunication services from interference from devices and systems without an allocation of spectrum under the Radio Regulations…”. While this is based on their concern about the broadcasting services the concept applies to all Radiocommunication services.


18-12-0050 – “COEXISTENCE OF WIRED AND WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS”. This also deals with PLT and references the work being done in ITU-R WP1A to revise Report ITU-R M.2212 titled “New Report ITU-R SM.2212 on the “Impact of PLT systems on radiocommunication systems operating in the VHF and UHF bands above 80 MHz”. The revision of that report is also the topic of another document on the 802.18 Mentor web site, Doc. 18-12-0054.from ITU-R WP5A.


While these liaisons were not sent directly to the IEEE SA or to IEEE 802 they consistently refer to ongoing work in various SDOs and the development of PLT technology and the potential interference into Radiocommunication services. Much of this work is related to what is being done in ITU-R WP1A and Question 236/1 hence may be of interest to various IEEE 802 WGs.


Since 802.18 has a limited number of planned sessions during the San Diego meeting could those with an interest in the topic of PLT coexistence with Radiocommunication devices please circulate this amongst their attendees for comments and let me know if an input to ITU-R WP1A, WP6A or any other ITU-R WP or SG is needed. Indeed if an input is deemed appropriate please feel free to prepare some draft text.


WP1A will not formally meet again until the June timeframe of 2013 but submissions can still be made to the WP and to any correspondence groups that they may have created.


WP6A will meet again in October of 2012 and documents will have to be submitted by October 10th.







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