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[802SEC] Proposed rule change for Treasurer for July meeting

Triggered by James' foray, I bring up my proposed change again:

Ops Manual 11d)

d) All IEEE 802 LMSC expenditures require the approval of the Sponsor with the sole exception that the Sponsor Chair, Vice Chairs, Secretaries, Treasurer, and each WG Chair whose group is not operating with treasury, may be reimbursed from the IEEE 802 LMSC treasury for up to a total of $500 of appropriate expenses between the close of the closing Sponsor meeting and the close of the immediately following closing Sponsor meeting without specific approval of the Sponsor.

One of the discussion points raised on the teleconference was the idea that perhaps this clause is not necessary at all; that the EC could cover any possible case with a letter ballot for explicit authorization.  I'm not sure we would want to to clutter up the EC reflector with letter ballots for motions on expenditures below a certain amount; sometimes we just need the ability to make a small expenditure without requiring the EC to collectively watch every expenditure.  I believe that's one reason the EC has a treasurer; to make the judgement calls on small decisions like this on behalf of the EC.
Clint (JOATMON) Chaplin
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