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Re: [802SEC] ITU-T Liaison that needs a response at this meeting

Sorry, but this bounced from everyone earlier.


Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 5:37 PM
Subject: ITU-T Liaison that needs a response at this meeting
Importance: High


Dear EC,


Roger brought up an interesting topic today. It seems that ITU-T SG-15 has some documents that need our review and inputs. The deadline is September 1, fourteen days ahead of their next meeting. Another difference from ITU-R Study Group requirements which call for a 7 day lead time.


Attached are the cover letter and both documents. These will be treated and either replied to or not in PM1 and PM2 tomorrow, Wednesday. Any responses, after EC approval, will be sent to the ITU-T Technical Liaison to send to ITU-T SG 15.


I suspect that since in January there was not an ITU-T liaison (the last one, Bilel Jamoussi had gone to work for the ITU-T by that time) that this was never circulated to IEEE 802. I certainly don’t remember seeing it and want to thank Roger for bringing it to 802.18’s attention. However 802.18 is not the organization to make changes on behalf 802.11, etc.


If we have a desire to update these documents (e.g. Bruce Kraemer is not listed as the 802.11 chair) then we should get it done tomorrow afternoon. The RR-TAG is meeting in Edward D. Once completed either John Messenger or I can present this to the Friday afternoon EC meeting for approval.


Please note that 802.18 has other topics that will be dealt with tomorrow afternoon so come early and plan on having a pleasant afternoon with 802.18.


Glad to discuss.









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