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Re: [802SEC] +++10 Day EC Email Ballot+++ IEEE 802 contribution on the revision of Recommendation ITU-R M.1801

Dear EC,


After discussion with the IEEE 802.11 chair it seems apparent that the intent of this modification to Recommendation ITU-R M.1801 is not well understood within the EC. The 802.11 chair and I agreed on two items. (1) That a conference call should be held to clarify what this document is intended to do and (2) that until that call is held this ballot be withdrawn.


As the IEEE SA ITU-R liaison I would like to respond to at least one of the objections to the content of this contribution. That objection was:


“I disagree with the proposal to add the references to 802.11ad (which is for the 60 GHz band), because this is out of scope of Rev. M.1801. This can be seen directly from the title of M.1801, which refers to systems "in the mobile service operating below 6 GHz." In my view, the reference to 802.11ad should not be included in either Annex 1 or in Table 7 (in Annex 8). Note that the key sentence of M.1801 is that it "recommends… that the radio interface standards in Annexes 1 to 7 should be used for BWA systems in the mobile service operating below 6 GHz."


My response to that is that changes and improvements to ITU-R Recommendations can be and are started both by Sector Members (such as the IEEE-SA) and Member States. IEEE 802 has not violated any operational procedure of the ITU-R by proposing adding 802.11ad which, if agreed, would in turn cause the expansion of Recommendation ITU-R M.1801 from the current 6 GHz maximum to 60 GHz. The real work will come in the ITU-R WP5A meeting in gaining acceptance of the change to M.1801. The author of that objection has previously participated in successful IEEE 802 work to have changes made to ITU-R Recommendations.


John D'Ambrosia - has there been a time decided for one of the ongoing EC Conference Calls and, if so, can this topic be added to the agenda? Or would it be more appropriate to have an call where the agenda is limited to this proposal.


Paul, please advise the manner in which you want this to proceed.


Please note that I am on a short vacation and will have limited email and voice mail access until August 16th.






Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 5:25 PM
Subject: +++10 Day EC Email Ballot+++ IEEE 802 contribution on the revision of Recommendation ITU-R M.1801


Dear EC,


A resent with the subject line completed.


At the recent IEEE 802 EC closing plenary two IEEE 802.18 documents, both submitted to 802.18 by 802.11, failed to make it to the agenda. Prior to the close of that meeting Paul granted me permission to conduct a Ten Day EC Ballot for their approval.  The final vote in IEEE 802.18 on both documents on July 19th was 2/0/0. I am including both documents in a single ballot since Doc. 18-12-0072.01 is simply the cover letter to transmit the changes proposed by IEEE 802.11 to Recommendation ITU-R M.1801. When sent to the ITU-R WP5A what is now Doc. 18-12-0063-04 will have been embedded into the cover letter.


Recommendation ITU-R M.1801 deals with radio interface standards for broadband wireless access systems, including mobile and nomadic applications, operating in the mobile service. What IEEE 802.11 is proposing is that Annex 1 and Table 7 of Annex 8 of Recommendation ITU-R M.1801 be updated to include the approved amendments to the IEEE 802.11 - 2012 Base Standard. As is the ITU-R norm the necessary changes are shown in the “Track Changes” mode in Annex 1 and Table 7 of Annex 8 of the Recommendation.


Paul has authorized me to conduct a ten day EC mail ballot to approve Documents 18-12-0063-04, titled "Draft Contribution to M.1801 Recommendation" and 18-12-0072-01 titled “Draft Cover Letter M.1801 Contribution”.


Motion of a 10 day ballot:


Start of ballot: 08 August


Close of ballot: 17 August


Moved: Michael Lynch


Second: Bruce Kraemer


As per the current P&P the ballot will close earlier if it becomes apparent that the question has been determined.







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