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Re: [802SEC] 802 EC Workshop attendance and privace policy


On 208//12 9:57 AM, Paul Nikolich wrote:
6) In order to encourage open, frank discussions, the meeting will be held as an executive session. The agenda will be public, the discussions kept private and decisions (if any) made public.

I have some problems with the description " the meeting will be held as an executive session".

The definition of an "Executive Session" is, by its very nature, a closed meeting.

From the rest of your message I do not think that is what you intend.  I think (hope) what you intend is an open un-minuted meeting that only results in action items, a meeting where all concerned agree that in order to have frank discussions, the contents of the discussions are not to be reported out.  I would hope we can get all to agree to that.  I don't think it is appropriate to exclude anyone from the meeting because they don't promise to do that unless we are on a specific topic that truly warrants an "Executive Session".

If that is not the case, my belief in open processes would preclude my participation in an extended general meeting held as an "Executive Session".  The purpose of these meetings is supposed to be that we get to spend a little more time on topics that we tend to blow off because of the press of the Plenary Week.

REF 802 P&P: "Please note that all IEEE Standards development meetings are open to anyone who has a material interest and wishes to attend. However, some meetings may occur in Executive Session. Meetings to discuss personnel or business matters (e.g., the negotiation of contracts), or for other appropriate non-public matters (e.g., the receipt of legal advice), may be conducted in Executive Session."

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