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[802SEC] Oct 9 802 EC Conference Call Action Items


I will be working on the minutes for the conference call this week, but below is a list of the action items assigned.  Attached for your reference is the Approved Agenda:


Item 2.0 Follow-up from Joint 802/IETF meeting

a)      Thaler – conduct electronic straw poll on reflector regarding holding joint meeting between IETF and IEEE the Saturday (Mar 16) or Sunday (Mar 17) prior to the IEEE 802 March Plenary in Orlando, FL.

b)      Thaler – work on proposal for uniform policy across 802 reflectors for co-ordination of work with IETF


Item 2.1 Communication of new PARs and formation of Study Groups to IETF

a)      Thaler – send email regarding “Nov 12 PARs under consideration” to IETF New Work Mailing List

b)      Thaler – define proposal regarding forwarding of information regarding new project work (PARs under consideration, Study Groups) to groups external to 802

c)       D’Ambrosia – create 802 webpage summarizing study group consideration for each plenary


Item 2.2 IEEE 802 Liaisons compliation

a)      D’Ambrosia – Create link on 802 webpage to Haasz-developed “Working Group Liaison” webpage


Item 3.0 Follow-up from 802s Entity application

a)      Diab -  report on status of IEEE-SA Std Board Ad hoc regarding inconsistencies in by-laws at IEEE 802EC Nov-12 Opening Meeting


Item 4.0 Follow-up from 802s request to access P1905.1 recirc drafts

a)      Law – Resolve the following - If a person purchase a draft and then makes a comment prior to the close of ballot, what is the person entitled to receive in response? 

·         Secretary received following response – Per IEEE-SASB OpMan 5.4.1 - Persons may also purchase the ballot draft for information only. Such persons may submit comments on the draft within the balloting period. However, they may not vote to approve, disapprove, or abstain on the proposed standard, nor are they entitled to receive any material other than the revised draft and responses to their comments.


Item 5.0 Follow-up from SC6 Graz meeting

a)      Kraemer – provide clarification on parties involved and approval process of PSDO joint document

b)      Kraemer – address action items per Slide 18 of


c)       Thaler – Reference Action Item 2.1.b


Item 6.0 Follow-up from Geneva Site Visit

a)      Rosdahl – Define use of space in Geneva, Switzerland for July 13 Plenary at IEEE 802EC Nov-12 Opening Meeting


Item 7.0 Preparations for EC Workshop

a)      For those attending the 802 Leadership Workshop,make room reservation to include the meeting itself, and adjustments will be made accordingly.


Item 8.1 University Outreach

a)      Any 802 EC Members who have contacts that can be leveraged for University Outreach program reach out to Law.


Item 11.0 SA plans for World Conference on International Tececommunications (WCIT-12)

a)      McCabe / Mills – provide high level summary and potential impact to 802 participants regarding WCIT-12.


Item 13.0 Checklist for Tutorials and CFI

a)      D’Ambrosia – remove link to CFI request on 802 Tutorial webpage. (Done)


Item 14.1 Renewal of the SA/ETSI MOU

a)      All WG Chairs – conact Moira Patterson regarding what each WG wants incorporated into the SA/ETSI MOU.

b)      Nikolich – discuss with Moira Patterson about who can have access to full text of MOU, and identify individuals from 802 to review.


Item 14.7 TVWhite Space incentive auctions

a)      Mody – lead discussion on reflector to start working on response






John D'Ambrosia
IEEE 802 LMSC Recording Secretary

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