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[802SEC] Informing other bodies of our proposed PARs

We discussed during the EC teleconference whether posting a pointer to PARs on the IETF new-work reflector is a liaison statement which requires a motion or not. Some felt strongly that it does and others equally strongly that it doesn’t. We have a similar request from another standards body (was it ITU?).


The form of email would be something like:


The following Project Authorization Requests are under consideration for the <month> <year> IEEE 802 Plenary:

A list of <designation>-<title>


The PARs can be found at


Any comments on a proposed PAR should be sent to the Working Group chair identified in the PAR to be received by <date of Tuesday of the plenary> 1700 <time zone of meeting>.


At this point, I can see two courses of action –

A motion to give blanket approval to a regular liaison mailing of the information above to IETF (and possibly include the other body)



A motion to acknowledge that the above communication is not a formal liaison and doesn’t require approval.


I’d like input on which would be preferred.



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