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[802SEC] Change in WG treasury signatory requirements in WG P&P


One of my self-assigned tasks was to review all P&Ps, manuals, and the like for any and all rules pertaining to my position.  One of the rules I came across was a requirement in the WG P&Ps that all WG bank accounts add the Sponsor Chair as a signatory.

My suggestion is that we require either the Sponsor Chair or the Sponsor Treasurer to be added as a signatory on all WG bank accounts.  This change, to me, makes sense in that the Sponsor Treasurer is explicitly tasked with overseeing all WG treasurers.

I will be proposing modified text at some point to implement this change.

Clint (JOATMON) Chaplin
Principal Engineer
Standards & Technology Enabling
Advanced Technology Lab
Samsung Electronics US R&D Center
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