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Re: [802SEC] Interim results of the ballot on submissions to WP5A's November meeting


Sorry to have mixed up my ballot with another EC ballot. I obviously
selected the wrong email ballot to report on.

The ballot in question began on October 15th and is due to close on October
24th. Right at the beginning of the ballot my primary email
( address developed what I would call severe email
issues. Hence Paul Nikolich, at my request, asked the EC to respond to one
of my alternative email addresses that was and is working  - 

I never received the copy of the original email that I sent to start the
ballot. So in case others also didn't receive it here is the text of the
original email sent on October 15th:

" Dear EC,

As you will remember there was an earlier effort at conducting an email
ballot in regarding two earlier versions of proposed IEEE 802 revisions to
ITU-R Recommendations M.1801 and M.1450. It failed and at the September
wireless interim 802.18, along with 802.11, reworked the earlier proposed
revisions. The M.1801 revision now simply provides updates and corrections
while the M.1450 revision does that and adds data regarding

I have asked Paul to allow me to conduct an EC email ballot to approve
submitting the updated versions of the previous proposed submissions and, as
authorized by 802.18, a transmittal document (18-12-0100-00) to convey them
to the ITU-R.

Paul's response to my request is:

"I will authorize a 10 day EC email ballot, to be conducted by Mike Lynch,
for the following motion.

"To approve, under OM Subclause 8.2, documents 18-12-0084-03 and
18-12-0085-04 (along with a cover sheet based on 18-12-0100-00) for
submission to ITU-R Working Party 5A, subject to the early close provision
of OM Subclause"

Moved Mike Lynch, Seconded Bruce Kraemer


The next meeting of ITU-R WP5A begins November 5th in Geneva. These
submissions need to be received by the ITU-R Secretariat NLT 16:00 Geneva
time on October 29th. 

The ballot will start October 15th.

The ballot will close October 24th, unless enough ballots have been received
to meet the early closure provision of OM Subclause


---------- This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email
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---------- This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email
reflector. This list is maintained by Listserv."

My apologies for doing too many things at the same time. But the ballot
whose status I am updating is still open and has received the eight
responses that I listed. I have taken the liberty of both changing the
subject line and deleting the text that did not pertain to the three
documents being balloted.

Glad to discuss further. At least it seems my primary email address is
working today but I would continue to ask that responses be also addressed

Thank you.



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Ballot+++ to authorize $1200 expenditure for P1905.1 draft access


This ten-day ballot started on Sept 9. It closed long ago.


On 2012/10/20, at 04:19 PM, MJLynch wrote:

> Dear EC,
> What follows is a listing of those from whom I have received a response on
this ballot, and they all are "approve". As Paul has noted I was (and at
times still am having) difficulties with my primary email
"". If you have voted and your name is not on the list
please resend it to that address (maybe it will work) and to 
> The eight responses received thus far, all approving the submissions, have
come from:
> Chaplin
> Rosdahl
> Heile
> D'Ambrosia
> Das
> Jeffree
> Kraemer
> Lynch
> If I have missed your vote, my apologies. Please resend it. My email
issues should be resolved when everything gets moved over to a service
provided by some company named "Microsoft", and that hopefully will happen
in the coming week.
> Regards,
> Mike
> +1.972.814.4901

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