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[802SEC] Rules meeting and updates


Due to the large number of changes proposed for this plenary meeting, I have extended the Sunday night rules meeting to run from 19:00-22:00 on Sunday, 11 November, 2012.

In addition, there were comments on the proposed changes that has resulted in updates to the proposed changes. I have already posted a modified 5C (detailed in an earlier email).

In addition, I have the following suggested changes

P&P 3.4.3 Executive Secretary
 (Requested by Chaplin)
- Add Item f), “Act as a backup to the Treasurer if the Treasurer is unavailable.”
 (Editorial from Gilb)
  - Change “Recording Secretary” to be “Executive Secretary”

WG P&P, 14.1
Change paragraph i) as shown (i.e., add ", Sponsor Chair, Sponsor Treasurer"):

Signature authority for any WG financial account is restricted to those IEEE, IEEE-SA, and Computer Society officers and/or staff that are required to have signature authority by IEEE, IEEE-SA, and Computer Society regulations; to IEEE 802 LMSC officers and to the officers of the WG owning the account, with the sole exception that, at most, two other individuals may be granted signature authority for the WG bank account for the sole purpose of assisting the WG in conducting its financial operations, provided that each such individual has provided agreements, indemnity, and/or bonding satisfactory to the IEEE. The granting of signature authority to any individual other than the WG Treasurer _, Sponsor Chair, Sponsor Treasurer,_ and those required by IEEE, IEEE-SA, Computer Society, or IEEE 802 LMSC regulations shall be by motion that is approved by the WG.

I have updated the presentation detailing the P&P changes at:
and for the WG P&P at:

James Gilb

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