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Re: [802SEC] 802.22 Response to the Comments to the 802.22.1a Submitted PAR for Nov 2012 Plenary

Dear Members of the EC,

Attached please find the 802.22 WG response to the 802.22.1a submitted PAR for consideration during the IEEE 802 EC Closing Meeting.

Jon, Bruce, Steve, thanks for the extensive discussions yesterday regarding your comments to the 802.22.1a PAR.

Steve, your comment on the Title of the Amendment were valid.
So based on the suggestion from Jon and Bruce we took an action to convert the PAR to a Revision PAR rather than an amendment PAR. This way we can make modifications to the Title and Scope of the document.

We worked with Lisa (Perry and Yacone) this AM and they said that this was doable.

Based on your comments, her is the PAR and 5C as well as our responses to the comments in the Powerpoint. Since now this is a revision, we do not need to send a 5C, but it is still attached for reference.

The documents containing track changes can be found on the Mentor at:

Please let us know if you have any further inputs on the PAR.

Apurva N. Mody, Ph. D.
Chair, IEEE 802.22 Standard Working Group (
Cell: 404-819-0314

From: apurva mody <>
Cc: Steve Shellhammer <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 6:57 PM
Subject: 802.11 and 802.19 Comments for 802.22.1a Submitted PAR for Nov 2012 Plenary

Dear All,
802.22 acknowledges the comments received from 802.11 and 802.19 for the 802.22.1a PAR and 5C.
Asides from these two WGs we have not received comments from any other WGs.

From: Jon Rosdahl <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 4:43 PM
Subject: [802SEC] 802.11 Comments for Submitted PARs for Nov 2012 Plenary

Hello all,
Per the requirement to submit comments by 5pm on Tuesday of the Plenary Session,
   802.11 has made comments on the following topics and PARs and 5Cs:
    The 5C change proposal
    802.21 and 802.21.1
All of these comments are contained in the following document:
Respectfully submitted,
802.11 Fist Vice-chair
Jon Rosdahl                          10871 North 5750 West
hm:801-756-1496                   Highland, UT 84003
office: 801-492-4023
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