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[802SEC] FCC Public Notice for comments on Progeny et al test reports

Dear EC,


This Public Notice relates to the use by Progeny and others of portions of the 902 – 928 MHz band for licensed services. The Commission is asking for comments on Progeny’s joint M-LMS field testing reports. While Part 15 devices normally are not “protected” the FCC has established a safe harbor for them in this frequency band. Progeny has been allowed to do a limited build out in the San Jose, CA, area with the proviso that they report back to the Commission on any interference into Part 15 devices.


As many of you will recall 802 and 802.18 has consistently provided the FCC with comments suggesting the removal of licenses services from this frequency band, especially since the L-MLS technology has been seemingly made obsolete by GPS.


The FCC has chosen to “fast track” these comments meaning that there is only a 20 day window to develop a response, with those responses due on December 11th. Based on the timeframe it may be more practical for individuals whose sponsors  have an interest in this frequency band to respond either as a group or individually. I am aware of a group outside of IEEE 802 that may be developing a response. If anyone is interested in knowing more about that please contact me directly.


The Public Notice has been posted to 802.18’s Mentor website as 18-12-0123.00:


Glad to discuss.






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