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[802SEC] Rules updates

Dear 802 EC members

The latest and greatest OM, WG P&P and CG are on the rules page at:

The latest version are: OM -> v11, WG P&P -> v12, CG -> v11.

There were editorial changes, so this begins the 30 day review, if you find I made a mistake, send a response to the reflector.

Some changes that are relevant to our next plenary:

In the OM,
 - The procedure for PARs is now Clause 10.
 - The procedure for conditional approval is now Clause 12.
 - Item c) in 10.5.1 Broad market potential has been deleted.

In the Chair's guidelines, the following now apply to Tutorials:
- Requests can start after the previous plenary has ended (i.e., now for March requests, but it is too early for July requests). - Requests need to be sent 45 days in advance (~ Feb. 1 for March plenary). - The Executive Secretary schedules the Tutorials and announces the schedule to the Sponsor reflector at least 30 days before the meeting. - Schedule is provided on 802 website with abstracts 7 days before the meeting. - The final PDF version of the presentations shall be filed with the recording secretary at least 24 hours before the tutorial, or the tutorial may be postponed.

James Gilb
IEEE 802 Second Vice Chair

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