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[802SEC] Amendment of FCC rules to implement the Final Acts of WRC-07

Dear EC,


This amendment of the FCC rules is an action that occurs after each WRC. The Commission is required to align their rules as closely as possible with the Radio Regulations which are amended or updated by WRCs. The results of a WRC are contained in the what is titled the “Final Acts”. Note that this is the realignment from the results of WRC-07. The WRC-07 Final Acts were published in 2010.


The same process will occur at some point for the Final Acts of WRC-12. Based on my experience, it can take up to a year or more (as was the case after WRC-07) for the Final Acts to be released.


As was said by the 802.18 vice-chair when he sent this information to the RR-TAG: “There may be specific areas of interest to WGs in this R&O and NPRM, especially spectrum allocations“. There is quite a bit of material here to review and this will be on the 802.18 January agenda.


The FCC released this on November 19th. Since this has not appeared in the Federal Register comment and reply comment dates have not yet been set. If there are any items of interest impacting IEEE 802 technologies in the US we have at least the January meeting to develop comments. Other administrations may have adopted (or not) yet these Final Acts. At some point all administrations have to ratify the updated Radio Regulations which do include the Final Acts.


“AMENDMENT OF PARTS 1, 2, 15, 74, 78, 87, 90, AND 97 OF THE COMMISSION'S RULES REGARDING IMPLEMENTATION OF THE FINAL ACTS OF THE WORLD RADIOCOMMUNICATION CONFERENCE (GENEVA, 2007) (WRC-07), OTHER ALLOCATION ISSUES, AND RELATED RULE UPDATES.   Proposed to amend Parts 1, 2, 74, 78, 87, 90, and 97 of the Commission's rules to implement allocation decisions from the WRC-07 concerning portions of the radio frequency spectrum between 108 MHz and 20.2 GHz and to make certain updates to FCC rules. (Dkt No.  12-338 ). Action by:  The Commission. Adopted:  11/15/2012 by NPRM. (FCC No. 12-140).  OET


This has also been uploaded to the RR-TAG Mentor web page as 18-12-0122-00.








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