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Re: [802SEC] +++ 30 day EC email ballot ++++ Proposed changes to 802 P&P


The final vote tally is: 14 approve, one did not vote (Chair). The motion is approved. Lisa Y. will need to check to see that the conditions from AudCom have been met in this document. I will send out an email when the new P&P is posted.

Lisa, can you pass this on to Lisa Y. to approve? The document can be found at:

There are 3 editorial changes:
Header: Change "v11" to be "v13"
Header: Change date to be "3 January 2013"
Page 17: Change "proceduresf" to be "procedures"

For your convenience, the document is attached.

James Gilb

Voter:                     APP    DIS    ABS    DNV
  CH Paul Nikolich                              DNV
  VC Pat Thaler            APP
  VC James Gilb            APP
  ES Jon Rosdahl           APP
  RS John D'Ambrosia       APP
  TR Clint Chaplin         APP
  01 Tony Jeffree          APP
  03 David Law             APP
  11 Bruce Kraemer         APP
  15 Bob Heile             APP
  16 Roger Marks           APP
  18 Mike Lynch            APP
  19 Steve Shellhammer     APP
  21 Subir Das             APP
  22 Apurva Mody           APP
24 James Gilb (can only vote once) ---------------------------------------------------
     TOTALS                14     0      0       1

On 12/03/2012 02:24 PM, James P. K. Gilb wrote:
802 EC members

We received a comment on our proposed P&P.  In our old P&P, public
statements require only majority vote, however in the new baseline, they
require super majority vote.

In keeping with our old P&P, I had moved this from super majority to
simple majority.   However, in that baseline, the super majority items
are not allowed to be moved to simple majority.

Hence, I have posted a new proposed P&P to mentor at
and I have attached a copy as well.

This email serves as the submission 30 days in advance of the conclusion
of an electronic ballot to approve them.  I propose the following motion
to be confirmed by an EC electronic ballot that concludes on January 3,

This motion is proposed using the process defined in "Revision of
Sponsor P&P" in our currently approved Sponsor P&P.

Moved: The 802 EC approves the document ec-12-0084-00-00EC as the IEEE
802 LMSC Policies and Procedures that will be submitted to AudCom for
approval, with editorial changes allowed.

Moved: James Gilb
Second: Jon Rosdahl

Reference, from Clause 12 of IEEE 802's approved P&P:

12 Revision of Sponsor P&P

Revisions to these P&P shall be submitted to the sponsor no less than 30
day in advance of a motion (or conclusion of an electronic ballot) to
approve them. Amendments in response to comments on the P&P are
permitted. Insufficient time to consider complex amendments is a valid
reason to vote disapprove. A motion to revise the Sponsor P&P shall
require a vote of approve by at least two thirds of all members of the

Second Vice Chair's note regarding threshold for passing the motion:
We have 5 officers, 9 WG/TAG chairs, 2 chairs of hibernating WGs and 2
member emeriti
  - 10 WGs/TAGs, but count Gilb in officers, not as TAG chair
  - 18 members, 2/3 approval is 12 affirmative votes

James Gilb
IEEE 802 Second Vice Chair

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Attachment: ec-12-0084-01-00EC-proposed-lmsc-p-p-rev-13.doc
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