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[802SEC] Fwd: Recommended USNC Vote - C/1774/DV - Proposal for a New IEC Technical Committee - Grid Integration USNC Council E-Ballot 56


It appears that the IEEE (I assume that means IEEE-SA) supports this move including that the secretariat will be assigned to China.
I haven't quite figured out the implications for 802.
I figured that our collective heads would be better on figuring that out than just mine.


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Subject: Recommended USNC Vote - C/1774/DV - Proposal for a New IEC Technical Committee - Grid Integration USNC Council E-Ballot 56
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 18:06:28 +0000
From: Charlie Zegers <>
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To: Members, USNC Council  (FOR VOTE)

Members, Technical Management Committee
Members, Conformity Assessment Policy Coordination Committee)
Bill Holley, Sandy Butterfield, Michele Myers Mihelic, Tom Vinson,
Sam Sciacca, Jodi Haasz, Terry deCourcelle
Ken Caird, Gary Rackliffe, Steve Griffith, Joe Bhatia, Gary Kushnier
Tony Zertuche, Frances Limon, Mary Johnson)

STATEMENT; On 3 January 2013, the following IEC Council document was circulated to the USNC Council for Recommended Vote by 15 February.

C/1774/DV – Document for National Committee Vote – Proposal for a new technical committee on Grid Integration of Large-capacity Renewable Energy (RE) Generation  (Copy attached)

IEC National Committees were invited to approve this new TC by 22 March 2013.  The USNC was invited to respond to the following questions:

1.         We agree to the subject proposed being dealt with by IEC (With reasons)

2.         We agree to the scope proposed

3.         We suggest the scope be modified as follows: (With suggestions)

4.         We do not agree to the subject proposed being dealt with by IEC (With reasons)

5.         We are willing to undertake the secretariat if new TC is established

6.         We wish to participate actively in the work (P-Member)

7.         We wish to be kept informed of the progress of work (O-Member)

8.         We do not wish to be either P- or O- member

By the USNC deadline, substantive comments had been submitted by
1) Mr Sam Sciacca, SCS Consulting, LLC, USNC Council IEEE Representative,
2) Dr William E Holley, GE Power and Water and Technical Advisor, USNC TAG IEC/TC 88 – Wind Turbines
3) Ken Gettman, NEMA, Vice Chair, USNC TMC. 
Mr Sciacca is basically recommending an affirmative vote on the establishment of a new TC with rationale provided while Dr Holley is recommending a negative vote with rationale provided and contending, in the main, that the bulk of the proposal can better be handled within the existing IEC TCs. 

A period of collaborative discussions took place between Mr Sciacca and Dr Holley and at the conclusion both maintained their positions as stated in their final comments.

Please note that while Mr Sciacca’s comments suggest that IEEE would be a good candidate to assume the Secretariat if a new TC was established,
IEEE has advised that a determination has been made that China, the proposer of this new TC will most likely be assigned this responsibility.
In addition, an effort to find a possible candidate for Chair of a new TC has not been successful. 
Finally, IEEE does support the establishment of this new TC.
Your consideration of the following QUESTIONS would be appreciated so that the USNC vote on this document can be submitted by the 22 March deadline.

QUESTION 1:  Do you endorse the recommended positions of Mr Sam Sciacca as the basis for an affirmative USNC’s vote with comments on document C/1774/DV?

QUESTION 2:  Do you endorse the recommended positions of Dr Bill Holley and the USNC TAG for IEC/TC 88 as the basis for a negative USNC’s vote with comments on document C/1774/DV?

(All negative votes and abstentions must be accompanied by comments explaining the reasons for your position.)

Thank you and have a great day!

Charlie Zegers
General Secretary, USNC/IEC                                            USNC COUNCIL E-BALLOT 56



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