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[802SEC] SA Request for Information: Internet of Things standards and projects

Dear EC members,
I received the below IEEE SA request for information regarding projects and standards that "may relate to the Internet of Things (IoT)". 
I realize that absent a precise definition for "IoT" this is a vague request--arguably any 802 project or standard "relates to IoT".  However, perhaps there is more specific relevant information that your group can provide in response to the request. 
Please contact the SA staff lead, Mary Lynne Nielsen (m.nielsen) for further clarification as necessary.
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Sent: 3/7/2013 10:57:15 AM
Subject: Internet of Things standards and projects - Please respond by 29 March 2013
The IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) Internet of Things (IoT) strategy team is requesting information from you concerning your IEEE standards projects and standards that may relate to the Internet of Things (IoT), as part of IEEE-SA's effort to bolster IEEE’s position in relation to IoT. The team requests a response by 29 March 2013. 

The IEEE-SA CAG has been designated by the IEEE-SA Board of Governors (BOG) as responsible for creating the IEEE-SA strategy for IoT and for coordinating its activities in this area. The IoT is "a scenario in which every thing has a unique identifier and the ability to communicate over the Internet or a similar wide-area network." (


The IoT strategy team is aware that there are many existing IEEE standards and projects that are relevant to a vibrant IoT. The team is soliciting your input as to which of your current standards and projects you deem to be valuable to the IoT. Please respond with this information to Mary Lynne Nielsen at by 29 March 2013.


If you have any questions concerning this request, please address them to Mary Lynne Nielsen. Thank you for your consideration and response to this request.




The IoT strategy team


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