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[802SEC] Proposed compatibility requirement for CSD/5C


Based on feedback, I have some updated wording to consider for the compatibility requirement for the CSD/5C. This would replace the existing text.

All IEEE 802 standards should be in conformance with IEEE Std 802, IEEE 802.1D, and IEEE 802.1Q. If any variances in conformance emerge, they shall be thoroughly disclosed and reviewed with IEEE 802.1 Working Group prior to submitting a PAR to the Sponsor. a) Will the proposed standard comply with IEEE Std 802, IEEE Std 802.1D and IEEE Std 802.1Q? b) If the answer to a) is no, supply the response from the IEEE 802.1 Working Group.

An exception to this procedure is made for variances that occur due to the use of EUI-64 addresses in proposed standards that require EUI-64 addresses to maintain backward compatibility with existing IEEE 802 standards.


James Gilb

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