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Re: [802SEC] IEEE Staff recommendation on Confidential email discussion and ballot

Reading Yvette’s email, it sounds like it would be appropriate to put this in our OM rather than P&P. She says that as it is a business procedure rather than standards development, it shouldn’t have to go in our P&P as it doesn’t need AudCom review.




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Subject: [802SEC] IEEE Staff recommendation on Confidential email discussion and ballot


Dear EC Members,


Please see the below note from IEEE Staff which recommends an approach for us to follow regarding confidential email ballots.  It is permissible for 'business or administrative related confidential material'.  We will have to incorporate the procedure into our P&Ps for email ballots, James please put this in the your queue of P&P changes.  I'd like us to finalize text and decide on this at the July plenary session if possible.






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Subject: Confidential email discussion and ballot




You wanted a response on the confidential email discussion and ballot. The EC can outline procedures for, and conduct an email discussion restricted to its members and specific stakeholders if the discussion is on business or administrative related confidential material. A ballot, following whatever criteria outlined in your P&Ps for email ballots, can follow the discussion. It should be noted, however, that the procedures should clearly state which discussions can be conducted via email and balloted. The confidential material must not be material that should be discussed in an executive session meeting, nor material with regard to standards that should be open to materially interested parties due to the requirements for open standards development. I don't think evaluation of the terms of a contract with a vendor is executive session material if there are only business considerations to be discussed. 


Refer to RROO latest edition for a description of executive sessions and the material discussed. You may also want to review the IEEE guidelines on executive sessions <>. Note that information discussed in executive session is usually extremely sensitive, especially from a legal perspective, and cannot be discussed outside of executive session.


The EC may want to consider creating administrative policies that are not a part of the standards development procedures to cover this type of activity. I believe AudCom has in the past suggested to Sponsors that standards development procedures be separated from procedures on managing the business of a technical committee or Sponsor. That way, AudCom would be responsible for accepting changes to the Sponsor P&Ps and the Sponsor would be responsible for changes to its administrative policies. Of course, the EC would have to vote on creating the administrative policies using whatever voting requirements that currently apply for EC policy development.






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