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[802SEC] Final results+++10 Day EC Ballot+++Request Number 1 for Document 18-13-0064-08 +Draft IEEE 802 Comments to FCC U-NII Band NPRM FCC 13-49

Dear EC,


As of 12:5 pm US CST on 5/27/13 the final results of the ballot on Document 18-13-0064-08 are as listed below. Please let me know if I haven’t recorded your vote or did not record it correctly.


Counting DNV as abstain, the results of the ballot are 13/0/1, which I take to be 92.85%. In accordance with the early close provision of OM Subclause 4.1.2 this ballot is closed.


I will now finish “cleaning” up some items and have already incorporated Roger’s editorial improvements. That should be done shortly and the document  will be forwarded, as 18-13-0064-09 to Paul for him to file with the FCC via the ECFS NLT midnight May 28th. Paul – please note that the document will be dated “28 May 2013” but there is nothing to prevent you from filing it this today.


Nikolich           (NV)

Thaler              Approve         

Gilb                  Approve

Rosdahl           DNV

D'Ambrosia     Approve

Chaplin            Approve

Jeffree            Approve

Law                 Approve

Kraemer          Approve

Heile                Approve

Marks              Approve (with edits included)

Lynch              Approve

Shellhammer   Approve

Das                  Approve

Mody               Approve


Best regards,





From: Michael Lynch
Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2013 9:31 PM
Subject: +++10 Day EC Ballot+++Request Number 1 for Document 18-13-0064-08 +Draft IEEE 802 Comments to FCC U-NII Band NPRM FCC 13-49


Dear EC,


During the May wireless interim meeting in Waikoloa 802.18 completed work on three documents, all of which will require a 10 day EC email ballot. The first two of the documents need to be balloted immediately while the third can be done after the first two. This email was sent to Paul to ask permission to begin the 10 day EC email ballot on the first document, “18-13-0064-08 - Draft 802 Comments to FCC U-NII Band NPRM FCC 13-49”. The document was approved by a vote of 7/0/0. Today Paul approved my conducting the EC ballot.


Please note that the document as approved by 802.18 was numbered 18-13-0064-06. However the chair has made some necessary edits and formatting changes so the document now is 18-13-0064-08. The approval motion in 802.18 allows the chair to make necessary editorial and formatting changes.


I have asked Paul to allow me to conduct a ten day EC email ballot to approve submitting the reply comments (Doc. 18-13-0064-08) to the FCC.


Paul’s response to my request is:


“I will authorize a 10 day EC email ballot, to be conducted by Mike Lynch, for the following motion.”




“To approve, under OM Subclause 8.2, document 18-13-0064-08 subject to the early close provision of OM Subclause 4.1.2.."


Moved: Mike Lynch


Seconded: Bruce Kraemer


Link to the document:


Please note before printing that the document is 43 pages long.


Comments must be submitted to the FCC by May 28, 2013.


The ballot will start May 18th and end on March 28th, 2013.


Once approved this document will be filed with the FCC by the IEEE 802 Chair.


Best regards,




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