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Re: [802SEC] IEEE 802 Plenary Session Sponsors


We should have a minimum contribution in order to get the signs. Can I sponsor for $100 and get my name put everywhere? Better still, how about "Trainwreck Enterprises is sponsoring this meeting" for a cool $100? :)

I also would think that the EC should be required to approve each sponsorship opportunities. That would avoid having to write down a minimum sponsorship level.

Would there be any sponsor that we would not accept? It is probably sufficient to have EC approval to handle this unlikely event.

Otherwise, it sounds good.

James Gilb

On 06/21/2013 04:15 AM, Bob Heile wrote:

Per the action item on the last EC call, this is what I have in mind for

If we want to reduce the deficit on the upcoming Beijing meeting and
similarly at other non US, non NA events, other than raising the
registration fee, we will need to seek sponsorships.  The sponsor's only
duty is to contribute funds that can be used to offset session expenses.
They have no role in the business of running the session.  In exchange
we acknowledge the sponsor(s) by including their logo and a thank-you on
the web registration area, on banners and signs at the session as
appropriate, and on the badge (assuming there is space in the case of
multiple sponsors).

If we are in the (unlikely) fortunate position of running a surplus as a
result of received sponsorships, I would suggest we return that surplus
to the sponsors on a weighted basis proportional to their contributions,
though this is something we can decide on later.

Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any ideas or
suggestions for sponsors for Beijing, please let me know as soon as



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