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[802SEC] Fwd: IEEE 802.24 letter ballot #05 begins today


The result of the letter ballot is as follows:
Voters	39
Approve	28
Disapprove	0
Abstain	1
Return rate	74%
Approval ratio	100%

The motion passes. There were some editorial comments, I will update the document and post it for 5 day review by the Executive Committee.

I received votes from the following members:
Beecher, Philip
Beer, Frederik
Calvert, Chris
Canchi, Radhakrishna
Dalton, Victor
Das, Subir
Denson, Michael
Flammer, George
Gillmore, Matthew
Godfrey, Tim
Gottlib, Elad
Heile, Robert
Howard, David
Kato, Toyoyuki
Khatibi, Farrokh
Kinney, Patrick
Lynch, Michael
Mody, Apurva
Nikolich, Paul
Powell, Clinton
Ramasastry, Jayaram
Rolfe, Benjamin
Rosdahl, Jon
Sasaki, Shigenobu
Schwoerer, Jean
Seibert, Cristina
Shah, Kunal
Sum, Chin-Sean
Waheed, Khurram

James Gilb
IEEE 802.24 TAG Chair

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: IEEE 802.24 letter ballot #05 begins today
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 11:04:49 -0800
From: James P. K. Gilb <>
To: 802.24 voters <>, 802.24 <>

Dear 802.24 voters

With this email, IEEE 802.24 Smart Grid TAG is beginning Letter Ballot
#05, a 15 day letter ballot.  The list of voting members for IEEE 802.24
can be found at:

This motion is made under the IEEE 802 Operations Manual procedure for
Sponsor subgroup communications with government bodies (8.2.2).

Motion is that IEEE 802.24 approves and submits docunment 24-13-0050-01
as an IEEE 802.24 comment to NIST as part of the informal comment
process on the NIST Smart Grid Framework 3.0.  The TAG chair is
empowered to make editorial changes as necessary.  The documents will be
forwarded to Bill Ash to be transmitted to the appropriate individual in

The document can be found at:

The ballot opens 12 December 2013 and closes 28 December 2013.

To respond, send an email to and with
the subject line:


where VOTE shall be one of YES, NO, or ABSTAIN.

In the body of the email state your vote and affiliation.

Failure to follow the instructions will result in your vote not counting
as a valid response to the letter ballot.

If you don't receive an acknowledgement from the Chair within 24 hours,
please re-send your vote.

This is a mandatory letter ballot.  According to the IEEE 802 WG P&P,
subclause "7.2.3. Loss":

Excepting recirculation letter ballots membership may be lost if two of
the last three WG letter ballots are not returned, or are returned with
an abstention for other than “lack of technical expertise.”

James Gilb
Chair IEEE 802.24 Smart Grid TAG

This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.