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[802SEC] Response from AudCom on our P&P submission.


I have prepared a response to comments on the P&P we submitted for AudCom approval (posted on mentor as:

The listed 3 unacceptable changes and 1 editorial change.

The 3 changes that were marked unacceptable are in clauses that may be modified and the text is unchanged from our P&P which was approved by SASB on 05 December, 2012. My suggested response is that we do not make the changes requested and I have provided justification for why we want the text the way it is.

The 1 editorial changes (a mis-numbered subclause) will be fixed when the P&P is re-submitted.

Also, we approved a change that did not make it into the version that I submitted to AudCom. That change was to add "Members Emeritus are appointed by the Sponsor Chair and are confirmed by the Sponsor." I will add this in the P&P that is re-submitted.

I will be in Piscataway for the AudCom meeting, so I can present our position, if necessary.

I have attached AudCom's comments and my proposed response to this email.

John and Jon: Please add a 5 minutes for me on the conference call to discuss this.

James Gilb

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