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Re: [802SEC] +++ 10-day EC Email Ballot +++ Scope change of IEEE 802.24 and process for adding Task Groups for new areas of interest


I would argue that any relationships we are likely to have with other agencies is far different.
802.18 interacts with agencies concerning what is direct emitted by an implementation of the standard at the (Air) MDI.

In almost all other contexts, our relationship with a regulatory agency is as a subsystem element.
(Your example of "the amount of time that it takes for back-up cameras to become operational" is an appropriate citation here)

I don't see it as being appropriate for 802 to go to a regulatory agency on that issue.
It is up to our customers to agree on the portion of that time to allocate to us in the systems design.
They can do that independently, in 802 or they can do it in SAE or some other trade group.
It is then their problem (as it always has been) to get those requirements harmonized world-wide.

I see no value in jumping into those fights other than to say:
	"Yeah, we do a piece of that system and those guys are right"

I see no value to 802 for doing that sort of thing.
OTOH, we should certainly welcome reports from our customers on what the regulators are doing to them that affects our standards.
Those communications can certainly be handled by our members who have a dog in those fights as liaison reports.

Having those communications come into a TAG rather than the WG which is actually working on the problem is probably a bad idea.


On May 23, 2014, at 12:16 PMPDT, Pat Thaler <pthaler@BROADCOM.COM> wrote:

> Michael and Adrian,
> 802.18 is the Radio Regulatory TAG. It is chartered to communicate with regulatory and governmental bodies on radio regulatory matters, e.g. spectrum.
> There are regulatory and governmental bodies that deal with matters other than radio regulatory which impact IEEE 802 standards. For example, Energy Efficiency (Energy Star in the US), safety, automotive requirements (e.g. there is a requirement for the amount of time that it takes for back-up cameras to become operational after starting the car), Smart Grid.

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