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[802SEC] Heads up on agenda item on formalization of the wireless chairs meeting

Dear EC,


This is a heads-up about agenda items for the July opening and closing plenaries.


The wireless chairs meeting fulfils two purposes:  1.  Planning of logistics for wireless interim meetings,   2. operation of .11/.15 joint treasury.

There are some rules formalizing the second,  but not the first.


A number of us from the wireless chairs meeting have been working on a framework to formalize the meetings.

The benefits of doing this are as follows:

1.       A more documented process to follow,  with more visibility of its operation through posted agendas and minutes.

2.       It creates a process with a traceable chain of authorization,  in order to satisfy IEEE indemnification requirements.


The status is as follows:

·         The concept was discussed in May at the wireless chairs meeting,  and a tigerish team (BobH, JamesPKTWG, BenR, myself) was formed to work the details.

·         The tiger team is evolving the formal framework.  Attached is the latest version.

·         This framework will be discussed at the July Wireless Chairs meeting (Sunday),  and depending on the outcome,  motions will be brought to the EC.


The crux of the framework is that the Wireless Chairs become a subcommittee (Standing Committee) of the EC,  and the 802.11/.15 joint treasury becomes a subcommittee of the Wireless Chairs meeting.  A new standing committee requires a chair to be appointed by Paul and confirmed by the EC.


Thus we (the tiger team) expect to bring the following items to the EC agenda:

1.       Information item describing the purpose of a proposed new standing committee (Monday)

2.       Motion Internal requesting formation of the standing committee (Friday)

3.       In the expectation that Paul appoints a permanent chair,  a Motion Internal seeking confirmation of this appointment. (Friday)


Best Regards,




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