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[802SEC] Comment on IEEE 802.24 Smart Grid TAG Procedure for starting a new TG


802.21 WG reviewed the document 24-14-0016-01-0000 and has the following comments:





Slide 2:

IEEE 802.24 Vertical Applications TAG focuses on application categories that use IEEE 802 technology and are of interest to multiple IEEE 802 WGs and have been assigned to IEEE 802.24 by the IEEE Executive Committee.


-          Does this mean before 802.24 discusses an application area, it requires 802 EC approval? 


Develops white papers, guidelines, presentations and other documents that do not require a PAR that describe the application of 802 standards to those emerging application


-          Are these  guidelines, documents  meant to be used within 802 or will be circulated to external bodies? If it is shared with external bodies, how will that be done without a PAR? In particular, if the ‘guidelines’ has the similar meaning that of what IEEE-SA specifies.


Acts as a resource for understanding 802 standards for certification efforts by industry bodies.

-          What is the meaning of ‘certification’ here? Is this a product certification?


Slide 3:


If the response from the presentation is favorable, request from the IEEE 802.24 TAG the formation of a subgroup to write a TG scope document for that application category (the current form is 24-14-0014-01). Approval for forming a subgroup is a majority vote.


-          Is it correct that a subgroup is in the form of an ad hoc or interest  group appointed by the TAG chair? 

-          Suggested change: ‘a TG scope’ should be ‘a proposed TG scope’


Submit the document to all IEEE 802 WGs for review following the rules for a PAR for a new project in the IEEE 802 LMSC Operations Manual.


-          Suggested  change ‘Submit the document’ to ‘submit the proposed scope document’


Slide 4:


Get a motion in a minimum of 2 IEEE 802 WGs (not TAGs) that expresses support for adding this application category and that they will be active participants.


-          What will happen if there is support from only one WG? 

-          Is active participation required in 802.24 TAG by the supported group or groups?


A TG is dissolved by a majority vote of the TAG.


-          If the formation of TG requires EC approval, how the termination can happen by the TAG? Suggest to delete this.





WG recommends that 802.24 considers writing a PAR and CSD by converting it as a WG when there is interest on a specific topic and is approved by EC. Otherwise, the entire process of creating  a scope document by 802.24 and then other WGs write a PAR and CSD can simply add one year or more delay to the overall Standards process.




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