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[802SEC] Comment from 802.15 on 802.1AEcg PAR and comment from R Heile on 802.24 scope


As per the 802.15 WG approved motion, "Motion to submit a comment on 802.1AEcg?s PAR concerning making it MAC address size agnostic by Ed Callaway, seconded by Art Astrin. "

4.3 Projected Completion Date for Submittal to RevCom: 08/2016
As stated in the 5.4 Purpose: "This standard will facilitate secure communication over publicly accessible LAN/MAN media for which security has not already been defined, and allow the use of IEEE Std 802.1X, already widespread and supported by multiple vendors, in additional applications."

Attached is a copy of your scope doc with a couple of embedded comments from me.




Bob Heile, Ph.D
Chairman Emeritus & Chief Technologist, ZigBee Alliance
Chair, IEEE 802.15 Working Group on Wireless Personal Area Networks
Co-Chair IEEE P2030 Task Force 3 on Smartgrid Communications
Chair IEEE 2030.5 Working Group for Smart Energy Profile 2
11 Robert Toner Blvd, Suite 5-301
North Attleboro, MA  02763   USA
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