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[802SEC] Doodle: Link for poll "Coexistence Lessons Learned"


	I am running a Doodle Poll to find a good time for conference calls on "Coexistence Lessons Learned" for a presentation at a future 3GPP meeting.

	I have sent this out rather broadly, to make sure everyone is aware of the poll.  I have attempted to avoid conflicts with groups (e.g. 802.11) which have a number of conference calls.  I have also selected times which work in a number of time zones.  The Doodle Poll allows you to select your time zone.  I believe if you do not make a change the default is PDT.  Make sure to check the time zone.

	Once we identify one or two dates/times  I will schedule calls, probably every other week.  I will check the Doddle Poll towards the end of this week to see what dates and times work best, and then I will send out the schedule.


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You have initiated a poll "Coexistence Lessons Learned" at Doodle. The link to your poll is: 

Share this link with all those who should cast their votes. Do not forget to cast your vote, too.
(If you did not initiate this poll, somebody must accidentally have used your e-mail address; simply ignore this e-mail, please.)

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